~woeful willow~

the river, negligent, as is every stone sediment.

the woeful willow, the tears wept

every fallen branch the river has kept.

woeful willow, shunned.

imprisoned to self’s vision; none.

sentenced to slouch from the sun.

this willow will uproot,

sink into the river,

no longer destitute.


her eyes swirl scarlet pleading to be possessed

removing her dress, guiding his mouth to her chest.

he tastes her skin, a hidden oblivion

his darkness tamed forbidden

feeds this moment to be later forgiven.

his tongue descends her abdomen.

teasing with teeth her quivering thighs

saturating her cries, “you are mine”,

high from the moonlight’s shine.

hypnotized hands placed upon her willing waist.

drowned in a daze, his mouth had traced: ecstasy.

tearing satin lace, thirsting her full embrace

he thrusts into her succulent bait.


a euphoria, fate.

~cuddled clouds~

the horizon cuddled with clouds,

my stare ascends into the gray.

I ask, are you proud?

my voice trembles out loud,

but my chest is warmed

to a sensation that is powerful, profound.

the eternal struggle between this space:

soul and thought.

the distance glows as the linkage grows

in this serene moment your memory has brought.

I wish to thank you

but my gratitude is superior to any adjective.

It is through my deeds that your spirit is relived

continuous as the clouds in the sky

I shall seek guidance above,

with two buoyant eyes.


the sharp puncture of a long lost illusion.

my brain feels convoluted, even stupid

mending these incisions, those delusional decisions.

some days you cry for help,

to release you from hell

and tyrannize, again

from your sinful citadel.

temptation be my mistress

staring through iced iron bars

ironically it is me,

who is your prison guard.

though my position may strand me alone,

I demand it.  

otherwise we lay together grieved by a concrete stone.

~radiant red~

one luscious, blushed

red apple

cradles in her palm.

her smile is broken

by chattering teeth,

the breeze that bites both of

their naked hands.

her hopeful emerald eyes

are cheated by the gray sky.

her elevated high

created with no wings to fly.

his mouth is mute.

the angel he knows not to pollute

with poison of jaded hope

always he is dizzy on the tightrope.

she steals his hand.

a gasp slams into his diaphragm.

from radiant red,

the apple drops.

now beaten black

it begins to rot.


normalcy is a hideous concept,

wasting years, hours, minutes

to conform to this imaginary standard.

I know what is not normal:






accept the debris of which you are powerless

and paddle briskly away from the clutter

that threatens to drown. 

your water may never be sound.

your water may wave violently, forever.


your water, is your water.



stay afloat. 

through disaster, through storm.


we devour the final hours of night.

soon will dawn bring blinding rays,

we loathe the day

eager for next embrace.

your voluptuous skin

conducts a current…

hushing every thought.

numbing every woe.

you, my sensual antidote.

my heart.

vascular organ,

synonymous with my spirit,

my soul.

do you hear it?

accelerated by your touch.

it belongs to you, my dear.