My darling,

my beloved escape.

Seduced into your

sedating wet lips.

My darling,

you betray the boundary

between sanity and fantasy.

You, with your wicked alchemy

are destructive of all clarity.

I fall, but you have already fallen.

As Winter weeps into next Autumn

each dusk our love blossoms.

As each morning dawns,

I am not one. One is not enough.

I need you. And I need two.

To equate the imbalance,

I crown you royalty inside of my palace.

Oh my darling,

teasing my friends with your

sweet silhouette.

But hours pass and they

will forget.

My hands are wrapped around your neck.

One kiss, sudden bliss.

Are you my mistress or nemesis?

See, your touch is venomous.

But abstinence darkens night

into nothing but desolate.

Seven suffering sins,

tattooed on your skin.

Crawling onto mine,

and seven becomes nine.

I write to you

my deadbeat valentine:

I am ready to resign.

Sixty days,

without your gaze.

Everyday, I see your face.

I am reminded you will follow me always.

My darling,

I thank you for this gift.

Building myself whole,

I am no longer just one fifth.

I have come to understand,

Faith is the foundation of man.


I do not crave

your comfort of contraband.



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